Sagreras For Ukulele - EBook

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Sagreras for ukulele features 11 unique pieces inspired by Argentinian guitarist and composer Julio S. Sagreras.

Sagreras wrote 7 books on guitar tuition all based around the Spanish Classical style. The arrangements in this ebook have been reworked especially for ukulele.

The arrangements within the book will help you to develop your fingerstyle playing and become more confident moving around the ukulele neck.

It's ideally suited to you if you're looking to move past just strumming chords, you'll find it challenging and rewarding and will finish with 11 new pieces for your solo repertoire.

All of the arrangements are supported with MP3 files to help you learn (or maybe you just enjoy listening).

Arrangements included in the ebook:

  • Leccion 41 – Theme and Variation
  • Leccion 64 – A Lot Like
  • Leccion 65 – A Little Like 
  • Leccion 66 – Inspired By
  • Leccion 46 – Reminds Me 
  • Leccion 62 – Based On 
  • Leccion 73 – Used to Be 
  • Leccion 81 - Or is it? 
  • Leccion 45 – A Variation On 
  • Leccion 5/2 - At Your Own Pace 
  • Leccion 2/8 – And Relax

Included in the download file are the PDF ebook containing all of the arrangements and 11 supporting MP3 files.

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Sagreras For Ukulele - EBook

0 ratings
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